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2018-03-16 11:41:51
A Guide to Stress-Free Downsizing

Downsizing—or the process of moving from a larger home to a smaller one—is a major life transition that many people of all ages undergo. Downsizing may be necessitated by financial concerns, or it may be chosen due to a change in circumstances, such as moving in with a significant other, retiring, relocating from the suburbs to the city, or just being enticed by the simplicity of a smaller home. Regardless of the reason, the process of downsizing may evoke mixed emotions, like stress and sadness alongside excitement and relief.

Are you thinking about taking the momentous step of downsizing your home? Here are a few strategies for minimizing the chaos and ensuring a smooth transition for your family:


  • Start paring down your belongings as early as possible. Since downsizing typically involves moving to a home with less storage space, getting rid of furniture and personal possessions is one of the most important—and most daunting—steps in the process. As your moving date approaches, the pressure may cause you to hastily toss things that you wanted to keep. The key to avoiding this is to begin the long process of sorting through your belongings as soon as you make the decision to downsize.
  • Divide your possessions into clear categories.As you decide which items will make it to your new home, it may help to categorize them by items that you must keep, those that you would like to keep but could live without, and those that you are willing to sell, throw out, or donate to charity. As you make these difficult decisions, ask yourself what you would take with you if your home were threatened by an encroaching fire and you only had 30 minutes to pack your possessions and leave. This will help you quickly discern which items are most important—and which could be replaced once you are settled in your new home.
  • Use technology to preserve memories.Taking a picture of items with sentimental value—such as old photos or letters—will help you preserve them in perpetuity without having to haul the hard copies along on your move. Ensure that the pictures you take of these items are properly saved on a cloud-based storage system in order to minimize the risk of losing anything.
  • Choose furniture and other objects with multiple purposes.Living in a smaller home requires that each item that takes up space should serve as many functions as possible. For example, look for tables with drawers and cabinets underneath, er sofas, or ottomans with removable lids that reveal storage space inside.
  • Measure the dimensions of your furniture.If your new home has smaller rooms, your existing furniture may seem oversized and cause the room to feel crowded. Knowing the exact dimensions of your furniture as you embark on your home search will help you plan the layouts of your new rooms—and get a better idea of how much you really need to get rid of.
  • If you are overwhelmed, consider working with a professional organizer.Downsizing is a big step, and consulting an experienced professional will help you sort through your possessions—and the emotions tied to them—so that you can have an easy transition and happy lifestyle in your new home.

Sources:  HGTV & Apartment Therapy

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